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Tammy Powers is a badass lady. She is a formerly homeless, Trans bike mechanic with a bent on self-determinism and visions for a bike utopia, who started the first bike shop on Treasure Island out of not much more than sheer will and scrappy determination. Once the bike shop was up and running, she decided to launch a coffee cart to serve the early morning commuters and fellow island entrepreneurs. The coffee cart evolved to a waffleshop and Tammy’s Chicken-in-Waffles was born, served fresh from her hot pink parking attendant shack on the island. Cult fandom for Tammy’s signature chicken in the waffle signature recipe ensued.

There was only one way to go but up—when a “unique” retail space opened up off of the UC Berkeley campus, Tammy and her investor saw the perfect opportunity to grow the venture. Enter see arch, the women-led architecture firm I collaborate with, who were hired to renovate the funky basement former-barbershop location into Tammy’s first brick-and-mortar while developing a flexible brand that could scale over the multiple locations while the company grew.

I led the brand strategy, while the see arch team tackled the interior renovations.

We set out to create a brand targeted towards college students while weaving in Tammy’s passion for bikes and big dash of Trans pride.

In my scope: Brand Strategy + Collateral, Storytelling + Copy, Website + Digital Launch, Production Design, Environmental Graphics


big idea:

Radical comfort food.

Early sketches led to the waffle-in-wheel final logo design

Early sketches led to the waffle-in-wheel final logo design

2018-08-28 11.02.06-ca.jpg