Slow Future Studio


Slow Future Studio provides creative business services for vibrant, local, sustainable economies.


Slow Future Studio is the strategic communications consulting practice of Erica Dixon (me!) and collaborators. I work with rad small businesses, grassroots initiatives, and institutions to build the movement for vibrant, local, sustainable economies. I believe the way we talk about what we do, shapes what we do.

Slow Future Studio exists to inspire a new way of being in economic relationship through storytelling and co-create opportunities for these economies to thrive by providing creative business services.

My Approach

My expertise is in strategic communications, that is communications that align people to purpose. As a consultant, I combine facilitation with strategic advising and provide a suite of creative services. I facilitate big conversations with clients to clearly define vision, impact, and unique value proposition. I then leverage creative strategies to engage communities and inspire people to take action.

About Me

I’ve been working in community engagement for 10 years, communications for 7 years, and I began consulting on the intersection of the two in 2018. I bring an interdisciplinary background to this work with experience working with food systems, social entrepreneurship, community development, policy organizing, and grassroots arts.

I’m passionate about the art of communication and consider myself a lifelong student of the ways we inspire each other, tell stories, and motivate change. l pride myself on being a good listener who is equal parts gritty and visionary. I value creativity, collaboration, and community as key ingredients to social change.

Let’s work together

I work with clients in a variety of ways tailored to fit their needs. Here are some of main ways we can work together:


I’ll work face-to-face with your organization to facilitate deep conversations about the vision for your initiative or business and how to talk about it. We’ll work together to clarify your messaging, create an inspiring look-and-feel, and analyze the positioning of your initiative.

Brand Development

I’ll work with you to develop an inspiring brand strategy based on research-led insights about your initiative and context. This can include purpose, core values, strategic positioning, and voice. From here we can develop any number of visual components to express your brand like the logo, mood boards, color palette, and a style guide.

Marketing & Communication 

I’ll work with you and your team on the strategic development and execution of a communications or marketing initiative. This work can be advisory i.e. I’ll work with you to create the plan, or as I am available, I will embed in your team and partner with you on the execution. My core capacities are key message development, launching creative social campaigns, and building editorial strategies. I work with primarily digital marketing strategies, but I love an opportunity to bring an initiative to life through physical materials and events.

Community Engagement

Communication is best as a two-way conversation. I’ll work with you to organize IRL initiatives to engage directly with your audiences. I facilitate focus groups, workshops, and public outreach with communities to bring your message into conversation and hear back from the communities you’re serving.

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